“My brother and I had a tremendous trip and walking with Jesus was amazing!! Yossi (our guide) and the accommodations were terrific. Thanks for all your coordination and expertise and experience to give us the trip of a lifetime!!"

Jim McPartlan, Norwalk, CT


"I feel blessed to have had this wonderful life changing experience.  Father Roy and Father Mario made the pilgrimage come alive spiritually and with their guidance our group of fifty one pilgrims quickly came together.  Each day started with prayer and information about the holy, devotional, and historical sites we would be visiting.  Our Israeli guide, Ronan Gaash was fantastic.  He truly understood the connection between our group of Catholic pilgrims and the Jewish faith.   Monir, our driver was an expert at getting in and out of challenging situations.

I’d like to share some of the blessings I received; I can now visualize scripture, the stations of the cross, and the mysteries of the rosary and experience them more deeply.  In a group like this many people are at different places on their spiritual journey.  I learned quite a bit by interacting with my fellow pilgrims."

Bill Morrow, Harrisburg, PA